Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

What to Expect…


When you make a booking with Oceanforce Sports Performance for an initial consult, a Baseline Performance Questionnaire is required to be completed 2 days before the consult.  This Questionnaire is located here.

This Questionnaire is very important as it means preparation is able to be carried out prior to the consult so that your valuable time & money is not wasted collecting personal details etc. If this Questionnaire is not completed prior to the initial consult, the appointment will have to be postponed to a later date.

Skype Consults

If you are keen to work with us here at Oceanforce but can’t get to the beautiful Mount Maunganui, no worries we can talk to you via Skype.

You will still get the great Oceanforce experience without having to jump in a car or on plane to drive numerous kms to get here!

Just give us a call and we will organise everything.


An initial consult is 1 hour long.

Some baseline testing will be carried out such as Body Composition, Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate & Respiratory Rate.   Note: Please make sure that you have not drunk any coffee at least 2 hours prior to your consult as this may distort blood pressure readings.

The rest of the consult is spent making a start on talking about what it is you want to achieve, what you think is holding you back and what we can do to help you. NOTE: Please can you bring any supplements or medications you may be taking.

You will leave the initial consult with some basic nutritional guidelines to get you started while your detailed nutrition plan is being prepared. We ask that you record your food intake for 3 days.  Remember to follow those basic nutritional guidelines.

A booking for a follow up consult will be made for the following week.


This consult is 1 hour long also and will involve going over your nutrition plan and recommended nutritional supplementation and herbal formula.

At the end of this consult a booking will be made for a second follow up 2 weeks later in order to monitor your progress and to make any required changes.


This consult is 1 hour long & involves talking through any challenges or problems that you may be experiencing with your nutrition plan and making any changes if they are required.

After the second follow up consult, depending on progress, a  30 minute follow up consult may only be required monthly.

Oceanforce encourages the maintenance of monthly follow up consults for a period of at least 6 months so that your progress is able to be monitored in order for you to get the very best out of your performance.


All payments for supplements, herbs & consults are expected to be made up front. Eftpos is available for your convenience. Unfortunately we do not offer a credit facility or take cash.

Onsite internet banking is also available.


Here at Oceanforce we realise that #@! happens in our lives.

If you need to postpone or cancel an appointment we ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice as these appointment slots are valuable and another client may wish to fill the vacant slot.  If you do cancel or postpone without 24 hours’ notice you will be charged for the cost of the appointment.
However, should we postpone or cancel your appointment without 24 hours’ notice, your next consult will be free of charge.

If you want to win, get in touch and start fuelling your body for performance and success