Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential

Unleash Your Physical & Mental Potential


Here’s what some of my clients have to say about me…

Caroline is such a bubbly, vibrant and inspirational Sports performance adviser and so conscientious in taking the time to analyse my full situation first before diagnosing what I needed to get back in top form.

I have no problems in recommending this outstanding individual to my friends, colleagues or Sports people like myself who want the best results to achieve their ultimate Goals and Dreams.


Working with Caroline at Oceanforce Performance has had a huge impact on my performance during training and racing for surf life saving and swimming. 

Her amazing support and communication with me has been endless and she is always willing to go the extra mile to help out. Recently I’ve moved to Australia to further my surf life saving skills and the support from Caroline with my nutrition has still been incredible. The personal nutrition plans are fully detailed and have helped with increasing my energy levels throughout a busy week of training and with hard weekends of competitions. 

I’d like to thank Caroline for all her time she has put into helping me achieve my short term goals and get closer to achieving my long term goals in surf life saving. I’ve learnt a lot about my nutrition from working with Caroline and what it takes to be able to perform at my best not only on race day but during hard training sessions. 

My experience with Oceanforce Performance has been great and I’m so happy I get to work with someone so friendly and supportive as Caroline.


The Five Passes Cycle Race 2013 went incredibly well!

I was stoked as I felt fitter and stronger than the last time I completed this event. My recovery during the 4 days was much better than many other athletes due to my comprehensive nutrition plan I had followed into the event.
I felt I had the mental & physical edge.

It gave me the confidence to dig deep as I knew I would not be ruined for the rest of the race. Overall I was placed 2nd in the A Grade so a huge thank you to Oceanforce Sports Performance.


Grace and I have found that Caroline to be a wonderful support in continuing Grace’s sporting journey.

Throughout she has provided sound, practical advice on nutrition not only for training and competition but also for lifestyle. Within weeks of following Caroline’s advice Grace felt more energetic. Caroline’s enthusiasm & genuine interest in Grace’s sporting and general health has promoted a great working relationship encouraging Grace to make conscious decisions about her diet.

Caroline has been exceptional in her follow up and overall assessment of Grace utilising her naturopathic skills to promote health.  Grace is enjoying a successful, more energetic season in her chosen sports – water polo, swimming and surf club.


I went to see Caroline as I was struggling with my energy levels and not sleeping properly; using stimulants to wake me up and pills to get me to sleep.

After a thorough health & well-being check she identified the problem areas and prescribed me with herbal remedies & nutritional supplements that I needed to help me gain some control over my energy levels plus an eating plan that would sustain my triathlon training as well as help me lose weight.

She has got me back on track and I am feeling a whole lot better for it. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is not feeling like they are functioning at 100% and is not sure why or how to fix themselves.


Caroline at Oceanforce has provided me with a quality and useful nutrition plan and trusted products that have helped me to perform at my best throughout the season. I also benefited from the training plan Caroline discussed with me that enabled me to get fitter and faster without over using my body and being smarter about how I trained.

Thanks to Caroline’s knowledge and support  I was able to achieve selection into the NZ surf lifesaving development squad and Swimming NZ’s age group programme.


Caroline, from Oceanforce has helped me fine tune my nutrition plan for both training and competitions. With the nutrition plan and supplements she suggested, it has helped me to get the absolute very best out of my many training sessions, and enabled me to perform at a consistently high level.

With surf life saving, our training load is quite high compared to many other sports, because I am an Ironman I am required to swim, board, ski, and run. meaning some days I have 3 trainings… I feel without the nutritional help and support from Oceanforce, as well as physiotherapy, I would not physically be able to endure the intense trainings that I currently am.

Caroline has been helping me for two surf seasons now and I have noticed a increase with my ability to be able to keep racing after long days of competing.

Thank you so much Caroline and I look forward to the many more seasons of your help to come 🙂


If you want to win, get in touch and start fuelling your body for performance and success