I’m Caroline Kemp, and my passion is for working with athletes and helping you win.

For years athletes have been living off processed foods such as protein powders and power bars that are loaded with chemicals, artificial flavours & sweeteners, rubbish that gives you the illusion of performance, the illusion of success. They’ve taken bucket loads of supplements, pills and potions all to push their bodies to perform, and for most, all to no avail.

I believe there is a better way, that by working with your body rather than forcing it, rather than blowing it out, you can not only perform but get better results, faster recovery and a longer life doing the sport you love.

This philosophy is at the forefront of our nutrition work with athletes:

  • I believe that the key to training, to winning, to performing both now and for the long term is to give your body what it needs when it needs it.
  • I believe that the key to true and outstanding performance is to harness and work with our body not against it. To harness the power, strength and endurance that resides in all of us.
  • I believe that your body needs real fuel. That’s nutrition based on whole natural foods that provide you with optimal energy, strength and endurance.
  • I believe in keeping sports performance nutrition simple, simple to understand and simple to implement.
  • I believe in getting great performance in athletes while staying clean. Believe me you don’t need to risk your career to win.

However this is not where it ends…

In elite sport the mind is everything, more often than not the edge that makes the difference. You can have everything physically ready to go but if the mind is clouded with all the distractions, the ‘other stuff’ in life then this can destroy athletic performance.

So I also partner with you to help balance out the stress associated with competing at elite levels of sport.

So if you want to get the most from your sport, the most from your performance I can help. With Oceanforce Sports Performance on your side, in your team, we can help you achieve your sporting goals, to help you win.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what some of my clients have to say:

The Five Passes Cycle Race 2013 went incredibly well!

I was stoked as I felt fitter and stronger than the last time I completed this event.  My recovery during the 4 days was much better than many other athletes due to my comprehensive nutrition plan I had followed into the event.
I felt I had the mental & physical edge.

It gave me the confidence to dig deep as I knew I would not be ruined for the rest of the race. Overall I was placed 2nd in the A Grade so a huge thank you to Oceanforce Sports Performance.


Caroline is such a bubbly , vibrant and inspirational Sports performance adviser and so conscientious in taking the time to analyse my full situation first before diagnosing what I needed to get back in top form.

I have no problems in recommending this outstanding individual to my friends, colleagues or Sports people like myself who want the best results to achieve their ultimate Goals and Dreams.


More about My Journey

Like many of you, I was once one of these obsessive trainers & eaters who starved their body of vital nutrients for the sake of trying to be super thin, super active and to pursue my passion for tennis. Like you I was living off gym protein bars and shakes, with the only real food consumed being occasional vegetables, fruit & tuna.

On top of all that I was also working in an industry that I was miserable in.  I was a stressed out mess and my body and mind was reflecting this.

It was only when I hit rock bottom, when I reached breaking point that I realised just how physically & mentally sick this life was actually making me.  No amount of money, prestige or so called ‘performance’ was worth how I was feeling, or the damage I was doing to my body and my life.

So I had turned my back on my old world to follow my passion. I completed a three year degree in Natural Medicine and through that journey the healthy and vibrant Caroline returned.

I can honestly say that without doubt it was the best decision I ever made. I was finally following my dreams and passion and what an incredible feeling of empowerment it was!  After graduating as a Degree qualified Naturopath & Herbalist I opened Oceanforce Sports Performance Clinic so that I could use my expertise to help athletes like you get the very best out of their performance.